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MOKO-Your Trusted One-Stop PCB Service
All customers order with confidence, as we guarantee the manufacture of their printed circuit boards is performed in a well-defined and controlled environment.
How to Pay for our Printed Circuit Boards?
We accept payment method including Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram,L/C, T/T.
1. TT in advance (bank transfer)
This is the method where the product is shipped after you deposit payment into the bank account as designated and described in the notification e-mail sent to you on completion of the order. Please transfer money within two business days from the date of order placement. The product is shipped after we confirm payment. We designate the account for transfer in each case. The customer is responsible for payment of the bank transfer fee. Please note that the transfer certificate (payment slip) takes the place of the receipt.
2. Credit card
This is a credit card transaction. The credit cards that can be used for payment are Visa, Master, JCB and AMEX. Select the credit card as the payment method on the order condition setting screen and enter the card number and expiry date. The credit card is authorized immediately. Please note that the account statement issued by the credit card company takes the place of the receipt.
*You can view the receipt data on the order completion screen and the order history screen.
3. Money Gram
MoneyGram offers convenient money transfer options. It's easy to send money online or in person; for cash pick-up or direct to a bank. also offer inmate services & transfers to mobile wallets.
4. Paypal
This is a transaction through Paypal. For using this settlement, the member needs to sign up and have Paypal account before purchasing transaction.