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The category: triode 8
Packaging: SOT23 5 SOT923F 1 SOT323 1 SOT416 1
Description Price(USD)
三极管 MMBT3904-7-F SOT23 SMD DIODES $0.0309524
三极管 MMBT3904LT1G SOT23 SMD ON $0.103175
三极管 MMBT3904LT1G SOT23 SMD ON 后续用0114代码 $0.0309524
三极管 MMBT3904 SOT23-3 SMD Fairchild 原装 $0.0103175
三极管 MMBT3904,215 SOT23 SMD NXP 原装 $0.103175
三极管 MMBT3904SL SOT923F SMD Fairchild $0.0
三极管 MMBT3904WT1G SOT323 SMD ON $0.0
三极管 MMBT3904TT1G SOT416 SMD ON $0.0